FREE Personal Trainer

Mon, 4 Nov 2013


Adrianna had just signed up at a new gym and they offer one training session to attempt to get her to enroll in their personal trainer service. Her trainer Rick starts off with the most ridiculous exercise that does absolutely nothing for her. However, he has her remove her sneakers and his nose is right next to her feet. He pretends to be focused on her workout but really smelling her feet. She let it go for a minute until she saw that his cock was getting hard. She teases him for getting an erection from her sweaty feet and proceeds to rub her feet on his cock. He will pay her for the privilege of training her or she will tell all his trainer buddies and the gym management.
Couples Toy Box

Sun, 3 Nov 2013


Brianna had just come home from working out at the gym and her husband was laying on the bed reading the news paper. She knows how much he loves the smell of her sweaty body. He gets very turned on when smelling her feet while having sex. She pulls out their toy box and he gets very excited. He is super horny today. She ties him to the bed, puts her sweaty sock covered feet on his face and jerks his cock. She pulls out her Hitachi and starts masturbating herself while smothering his face with her feet and jerking his cock faster and faster. She has an unbelievable orgasm and he is about to cum. She stops gets up and goes takes a shower. Leaving him ties to the bed and denied orgasm.
Disrespecting the substitute

Sat, 2 Nov 2013


Your substitute teacher is much hotter and younger than your regular teacher. You can’t help but check her out. But, she catches you looking at her legs and feet. It’s quite obvious you are looking at her inappropriately. She singles you out and brings you to the front of the class. She is going to make an example out of you. She makes you take your clothes off in front of the entire class. She doesn’t care if you’re embarrassed. Then she makes you lick her feet and jerk your cock while the entire class watches. Anyone else want to challenge her?
Stepdads Fresh Start

Fri, 1 Nov 2013


Mounas stepfather is depressed because he thinks her mother is cheating on him. She asks if he pleases her. He’s uncomfortable talking about his sex life with her mother. That’s not what she meant. She asks if he has ever massaged her feet. He doesn’t massage feet. She tells him that this might be something that would help though. Desperate for a solution, he’s willing to try anything. Mouna tell him to practice on her. He’s hesitant but he really wants to make the relationship work so he will try anything. She tells him that her mother would probably like it if he kissed her feet a little too and he should try it. He is really getting uncomfortable, but she is persistent. Mouna tells him if he does it naked her mother would very much like it. He tries to draw the line there. But, Mouna tells him that mom is probably out with another man who does all these things for her and if he has any hope of saving his marriage he better get comfortable with it. Once he is naked she puts him in a chastity device. Again , convincing him that this is what mom really likes. She gets him on his back under her feet, kissing and licking every inch of her feet. Mouna is completely aware of the fact that her mother has already filed for divorce but she has plans for him. He now belongs to her.
Teachers Tenure

Thu, 31 Oct 2013


Anabelle is a beautiful young teacher who dresses in low cut blouses and short skirts every day. The principal comes to her class room at the end of the day to discuss her wardrobe. She leans in and grabs his tie, her cleavage at eye level. She knows he will do anything she says and he can’t resist her. She puts her feet up on his face and tells him to start kissing her feet. He can’t tell her no, regardless how wrong it is. He tries to stop but she rubs his pants with her foot and she notices how hard his cock is inside. She unzips his pants and rubs his cock. He is completely unaware that she grabs her cell phone to take a photo. With this great photo of his cock between a woman’s feet on the school grounds will definitely be interesting for the school board to see, unless he pushes her through for tenure and forgets all about her wardrobe being inappropriate.


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