New Ashiatsu Technique

Wed, 19 Feb 2014


Tom has an appointment with a new massage therapist to come to his house for his first Ashiatsu massage. He has always wanted a massage were a woman walks on his back. He couldn’t help but notice her ass and her boobs. His masseuse is very pretty. She starts off with him on his stomach and she walks up and down his back. Then she starts rubbing her foot on his cheek. She brushes her toes on his lip and he naturally opens his mouth. She turns him over and puts a cloth over his eyes to help him relax as she sits on him and rubs her bare feet over his mouth and tongue. She gets very aroused and uses her client for her own foot worship pleasure.
Don't you wish

Tue, 18 Feb 2014


You’re privileged enough to be kneeling in front of Goddess Vanessa as she sits in the patio in her pink bikini. She laughs at how pathetic you are and how she knows you’ll do anything for her pretty feet. Don’t you wish you could touch them? She makes you kneel before her and just look at them while you jerk off. All you get to do is just jerk your dick off. You’re not worth of sex or even her pretty feet.
Stepdad Caught on Camera

Mon, 17 Feb 2014


Nadia overheard her stepfather telling someone that he plans on shipping her off to boarding school. But, she has her own plan for him. Nadia lured her stepfather back to her bedroom, knowing he is just a horny perverted man. She set up a hidden camera so that she had evidence and pretended to be studying. He of course followed her to the bedroom. He sat down on the bed next to her and started sucking her toes. The snickers, barely even looking at him and tells him how pathetic he is. Knows he will just keep going if she doesn’t resist. She’s not going to help him either. Just keep fucking those feet uncle Tom. He finally blows his load on her wrinkled soles. As he’s getting dressed and preparing to leave her bedroom, Nadia reveals the footage from the hidden camera. She’s not going anywhere and he’s now her bitch.
Acing Take Home Exam

Sun, 16 Feb 2014


Dixie’s stepfather is a biologist and Dixie is a struggling biology student. Stepdad comes to her bedroom to see how her studying is going. She lets him know that it’s actually a take home exam and she doesn’t know anything on the exam. She catches him out of the corner of her eye smell her feet. He tells her that he promised her mother that he would help her study, but he can’t help her cheat on an exam. Dixie hands him the book and sits up with her feet right next to his face. He agrees to help with one question. She knows he is just as perverted as any other man and she just might ace this exam. She takes off her shirt and he agrees to help with only one more question. She smiles as she writes down the answer. She then takes off her bra, exposing her beautiful natural tits. Naturally, he helps with another question. There are only a few more questions left as she strokes his cock with her feet. She gets him to answer almost all the questions when he is about to cum. She stops and tells him there is one more question. He protests only for a second, then gives her the answer. She continues to stroke his cock until he cums on her pretty milky white feet.
Best Friends Love Confession

Sat, 15 Feb 2014


Carter has been dating this guy Jeff and he doesn’t treat her very well. He’s blowing her off on another date, she thinks he is cheating. Taylor is her best friend. She tells him everything, but he has secretly been in love with Carter for a while and he finally gets the courage to tell her. He confesses that he would pamper her an do anything for her. She tells him to prove it and puts her feet in his lap asking for a foot massage. She giggles and tells him that it would be better if he was naked. He was little embarrassed but he strips down. She laughs as she shoves her feet in his face and makes him worship her feet. She is almost convinced he would do anything for her. There is just one more thing. She pulls out a chastity device meant for her cheating boyfriend, but she thinks her new foot bitch should wear it.


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