Leenas Sneaker Slave Earns Chastity Release

MODEL: Goddess Leena  Views: 3190

You are Leenas footslave and she left for the gym a few hours ago while you did some chores. When she returns you are kneeling just inside the door where she told you to. She promised you would be released from chastity after her workout today, if your chores are done.

She brings you to the bedroom and proceeds to remove her gym sneakers. She tells you that you are going to be permitted release today, however you are going to have to smell her sweaty socks first. She removes her socks and puts them over your nose, then she puts it in your mouth.

She starts stroking your cock with her feet and then tells you to pick up her sweaty sneaker and put it to your nose and smell them. If you don’t, she will stop. She strokes your cock up and down with her sweaty stinky feet until you cum, then orders you back into chastity for another 3 weeks.


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